Someone submitted a ticket request ... Now what?

TicketBurner provides Customer Service Delivery (CSD) by facilitating and automating the "Now What?" behind service requests.

What is TicketBurner?

With most ticketing solutions, customer support requests (even tasks for internal customers) simply end up in email inboxes or some ticket “queue” awaiting to be dealt with by a human. If multiple people or tasks need to be performed to successfully finish the task(s), it can quickly devolve into an email goat rodeo.

With TicketBurner, you design your business processes visually using our web-based modeling tool, telling TicketBurner how YOUR organization functions. Incorporate intelligent routing, decision gates, multi-channel communication, web service integration into backend systems, and can even chain ticket types together to create complex multi-step processes! When tickets get submitted, TicketBurner will execute your saved business processes seamlessly, saving your organization precious time and money!

Designed by the team of "Creative Crazies" at Incursus, TicketBurner can help your organization deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time!

And the best part about it?

It is offered at a fraction of the price of traditional solutions, at less than $10/month per user, with all TicketBurner features included! Paying up to hundreds of dollars per user each month makes about as much sense as screen doors on a submarine.
It's nuts! Your CFO will thank you.

With Love Out of Need

We built TicketBurner because WE had the need to automate and integrate tickets and work items with backend systems. And we built it with love ... every single feature.

Built With Business in Mind

TicketBurner wasn't built in a vacuum! We poured dozens of years of business experience into our platform, modeling it after real-world use cases.

Don't Force a Fit!

Why make your business work with the system? With TicketBurner it's the other way around. You model your business structure and rules and govern your data flow!

Nothing to Install

TicketBurner is hosted in the cloud for your convenience ... because this isn't 1995. And we have a RESTful API should you need integration into your other systems!

Advanced Features

TicketBurner supports multiple business departments, categories, custom fields, multi-channel notifications, and even a visual workflow editor, all designed to efficiently drive data through your organization.

Get Started Today!

Getting started couldn't be easier! Register now for a FREE thirty (30) day trial to get your feet wet with the full functionality of the TicketBurner platform!

Key Benefits of TicketBurner's Customer Service Delivery Platform

  • Reduces cost!

  • Increased task efficiency

  • Reduces effort required

  • Reduce unnecessary emails

  • Improved task tracking

  • Increased platform adoption

  • Easily integrate with other systems

  • Saves precious time!

  • Improved task organization

  • Model your ideal data flow

  • Improved user experience

  • Easy to get started!

Key Platform Features

  • Advanced ticketing Workflow, including visual builder
  • Team/Department/Category based approach
  • Each user can belong to multiple teams
  • User roles and permissions by department
  • Each department can have unlimited categories
  • Custom fields at the category level
  • Ticket tagging and tag cloud functionality
  • Support for "auto-tagging" tickets with no tags
  • Support for "Auto-Routing" integration
  • Dashboard view to see what's happening!
  • Real-time dashboard alerts when activity occurs
  • Comment system to facilitate ticket discussion
  • Support for canned/saved responses
  • Signature support for both tickets and comments
  • Customizable severity levels and ticket statuses
  • Transfer and re-assign Tickets
  • Drag and drop file attachments for tickets and comments
  • E-Mail, Slack, SMS, and Pusher notifications/integration
  • Webhook support for ticket-related events
  • Built-in Knowledge Base/FAQ
  • Client Portal for your users/customers
  • Full RESTful API for integration
  • Complete suite of reports
  • Increase adoption with a built-in "reward system"!
  • All of your data ("at rest") is encrypted for compliance
  • Much more!


  • A great portal for your customers/users to have a view!
  • Aggregates tickets from all of a user's TicketBurner/Live sources
  • View all of your previous chat sessions
  • Ticket browsing
  • Ticket searching
  • They can see comments, and add new ones!
  • Drag/drop file attachments
  • Your users simply use their email address to sign up!
  • Now available!


  • Slide-out/pop-up Customer service widget for your website!
  • Feeds ticket information right into TicketBurner!
  • Integrates into TicketBurner's FAQ/Knowledge Base module
  • Built in customer service chat module
  • Pre-flight ticket routing and prioritization
  • Capture key information from your visitors/customers
  • Drag/drop file attachments
  • No need for your visitors to sign up!
  • Now available!

TicketBurner Mobile

  • Access your TicketBurner instance on the go!
  • Customizable alerts
  • Support for both iOS and Android devices
  • Performs all major TicketBurner tasks
  • Now in development!
  • Will be freely available to TicketBurner users!

Beta Pricing and Subscription Plans!

Per-Seat Pricing
per user/month!

All features included!

Our pricing model is drop-dead simple, with no complicated basket of feature-packages to choose from. For $9.99 per user, per month, you get access to the full TicketBurner suite of tools. Unlimited departments, categories, users, tickets, visual workflows, API access, TB/Live widget, and more. That's it! Your monthly costs are now fixed, and will scale up or down as your business expands or contracts.

Still not convinced? Create your free account now, with no credit card required up front, and enter into a free thirty (30) day trial period to get your feet wet!

If our low price and robust feature set scares you, you are probably the competition. Welcome to our site! Wait until you see what else we have cooking...


We hope you derive as much enjoyment and value out of the TicketBurner platform as we have in creating and using it ourselves!

Let us know what you think!

We are always open to new ideas, bug reports (d'oh!) and partnership inquiries!

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The TicketBurner Team
Incursus, Inc.

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